Monday, June 28, 2010

The beginning of iron lady

So here it starts...... my journal of attempting some pretty mental stuff......

Let me bring you up to scratch.... after a rugby injury I needed an ACL reconstruction and on the first operation, my knee cap was broken and my hamstring severed. Finally they put it right and so began my road to recovery. I wont dwell on this, I am looking to the future.....

So my first challenge was a half marathon which lead to a marathon which I completed in April 2010. So what could I possibly do that could top that?? Well first it starts with a super sprint triathlon ( in less than a week now). I have had a few swimming lessons to get the breathing right but its been dog eared determination that's made me confident to attempt front crawl on my first triathlon. Ive bought a bike and have been cycling everywhere. I feel guilty that my running has taken a step back and I am only getting about 18 miles in a week. I must say I have found it incredibly difficult to find time to get these extra disciplines in.

Next month I have a sprint triathlon, I've entered an extreme x country race and entered Brighton marathon again, but there is a possibility that I will do 2 marathon's in 1 week. But my ultimate goal is HALF IRON MAN UK next Aug.......... That's a 1.2 mile swim followed by 56 miles on a bike followed by 13.1 miles running.

I have been feeling pretty despondent with my swimming, struggling to complete 1 length at a time, I crash and burn at 3/4 of a length. I did tell myself for a while that it was ok as it was a long pool 33.3 m but last Sat something clicked and for every length of breast stroke I matched it with a length of front crawl. One length of front crawl really makes me breathless and i have to have a small recovery even if I am going to do breast stroke next. This is something I really need to work on.

I have only had my new shiny bike for 3 weeks so have been trying to get as many miles in the saddle as possible.

This last week I have swam 72 lengths, ran 24 miles and biked 49.18 miles. This week I am supposed to be on a taper and I will have a few days rest as I feel I have done sooo much training lately. I feel silly having a rest and I feel I should keep pushing because ultimately that's what you will need to do during a triathlon.

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