Wednesday, June 30, 2010

speed training gone wrong!!

My lovely friend Lisa set me the following challenge...... 3 x 0.45 laps as fast as I can with a short recovery. I thought yep, I can do this.  
So off I went  to the little park down the road.  When I actually measured the outside of the small cricket pitch it didn't even cover 0.45 miles but though as long as I have markers this will be fine.  I started by doing a few warm up laps when the cricket team descended upon the pitch!!
This was going to make it nigh on impossible so I had to abandon that idea.  I thought about going straight home my tired head saying , your on a taper, your tired.....GO HOME but my training head said YOU LAZY BITCH you have to do something at least.
So I did a mere 9 Min's of training hidden away at the top of the pitch where I hoped I wouldn't be in the way......the width of the pitch was a bout a tenth of a mile so i jogged slowly up and down until the fourth time when I hammered it as fast as I could, no recovery as such.  I did this 5 times without stopping and that was me done.  These were my lap times 1.48, 1.45, 1.48, 1.52, 1.51
I am feeling incredibly tired and I had a big meal at 2pm so it probably wasn't the best situation but I really must learn that recovery and rest is as good as a workout and I mustn't feel guilty about not training. 

So swimming tomorrow then rest Friday and Saturday.

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