Sunday, June 27, 2010

why do i do it

Forgive me blog for I have sinned, I have not blogged for ages, there is no races to report.  I have to say my fellow tweeters, or friends( I promoted them recently )have inspired me and engaged my mind.  After reading about Rays ultra training run( 54 bloody hot miles, what a legend) and seeing the beautiful trio race their little hearts out in the blazing heat (you know who you are) made me think about why do we do it, why do I do it?

  I am about to enter a very extreme 10 k multi terrain race, on which they test tanks!!( maybe they should test my head at the same time) I do my first triathlon next Sunday ( which I hasten to add that  Ive entered 2 already and haven't even done one yet) and here I am browsing 100 mile local bike rides and I haven't even cycled more than 30.  To top it all I have talked at least 3 of my triathlete friends into doing half ironman UK next August, only the hardest half iron man EVER!!!! Oh and I almost forgot that there is a possibility that I could run " marathons in one week next year.

So am i insane? What is going on? Did I just wake up one morning and say "OK bird lets go mental"or has it always been in me all along?  I liked keeping fit before my knee injury and I had always said I would do a marathon before I'm 40 but I never entered races or competitions.  Did something snap inside me when that stupid surgeon broke my kneecap and severed my hamstring or was it always lurking in my personality?  Could I be like Eddie Izzard always looking for approval as I have no father figure in my life or am I a stubborn bitch who wants to constantly challenge myself.  Am I addicted to the fitness buzz, always looking for the next adrenalin hit. 
If I look back I've always tried to do things out of the ordinary, parachute jumps, ab sailing off buildings for charity, talking to dead people...... Could I be just a quirky Aquarian striving to be different? Or could it just be that I have a fear of failure and I am driven to succeed.

I could spend hours searching into the depth of my personality but you know what......... what ever drives me I don't care..........I like the training, I  like the discipline.  I like pushing myself and seeing what happens.  I like to wake up and say "what crazy thing can I do today?" I also like to eat a lot of cake!!!!!

  I read a quote once which said " there are people who sit on the sidewalk of life and clap and there people who run" I think they prob forgot that last bit " that there are people who run, jump skip and dance pulling stupid faces all the way" ...... which one are you?

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gina said...

U do well in whatever u want to achive for whatever reason.
proud of u,but concerned incase u over stretch your body,u must rest and respect yr body so it can keep up with u,xxxxxxxxxxx