Sunday, August 30, 2009

Battle of sedgemoor 10 k race

Hell today I was on fire .......... The first 2 k was a warm up and then boy was I in the zone!! This no drinking lark is working........john really struggled and I thought at last this training is paying off.
Today I felt like a runner not a slow jogger.... My pace was good my stride was good!!
When we got close to the finish line I heard someone shout that we were within the hour and my heart soared and I sprinted to the finish at 57 mins and 8 seconds!!!
I felt fab after the race, got a lovely towel and ate a big bar if chocolate!
Oh boy am I ready for Bristol half marathon!
It us such a good atmosphere at these races, everyone is so friendly!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Almost there

Today was my last chance to get in a long run before Bristol half marathon!!
So after putting Vaseline between my toes, compeed on my blisters, anti chaffing cream (I won't say where) knee braces, heart monitor I was ready to go! ( long gone are the days of shorts on and go)
So off I went doing really well til some idiot rings me on my phone mucks up my GPRS so I lose my distance and my time! I am glad I had my heart monitor on so I could guess what time and after resetting my run tracker I recon I did 10.8 miles in 1 hour and 58 mins!!
So i have my st peters running vest just waiting for my number to come!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Oh no blister!!

There I was poised to run a 10 miler again but what happens........ I very very stupidly wore new socks, new cheap socks and lo and behold a massive blister in the arch of my foot!!
3 times I stopped trying to find a dock leave to put in my shoe so tried dandelions instead!! Bad bad move!!!
I then realised I had compeed at home so I limped home and thought I could turn my 8.7 miles into 10 but even with the plaster on it hurt!! So I admitted defeat!!! Why was I so disappointed?
I know I can run 13 miles easy peasy!!!!!!!

Now I'm thinking why did I agree to work all those shifts st the pub....... My last week before I go back to work and I'm working my arse off..........

Monday, August 24, 2009

Training log

I had all good intentions of running 10 miles today but seeing as me and john are doing a 10 k on Sunday I thought he better get a run in as he hasn't run for weeks!
It surprises me how he can do it after no training and I really struggled getting back into running after a short 2 week break due to injury! It was a slow run so he must have lost sone fitness!!
Tommorrow I am gonna get up incredibly early so I can walk dogs and have time to get in 10 miler before I start work at 12.
I have met a lady on a running web site who I will meet at Bristol half marathon who has same pace as me which is making me feel a lot better and hopefully we can get through this race together!
I am really worried about needing a wee through the race so will try running with hardly any drink tomorrow see what happens

Sunday, August 23, 2009

bristol half marathon

oh my god its only 2 weeks away now......bristol half marathon.  The most I have ran is 10.5 miles and I will need to pull another 3 miles from somewhere..........
I f I think back to Jan of this year when I had my third knee operation, I never imagined that I would start running again and start entering races.
I have a very busy week , working lots shifts at pub trying to train and prepare for sundays 10 k race and then Bristol half marathon the weekend after as well as going back to work after the summer hols!!!!
Bring it on.......I am ready........I can do this.......