Friday, January 29, 2010

16 miles

Last Sunday I ran 16 miles in just under 3 hours!! As usual the last 2 miles were the hardest but then it was another 2 miles on top of the longest run I had ever done!! I did actually plan some pretty steep hills as well. My mind was trying to give up long before my body!! Mentally my brain was trying all sorts of reasons to talk me out of those last 2 miles!! But I fought and I did it, I felt shattered for a while.
As I sit and write this blog I am
thinking 16 miles = 3 hours and my 10 miles usually 1 hour 20 so that's about 4 and half hours for the full 26.2.
I have felt with the dark nights, moving to a rural place and all the snow had really put a dampner on my training! I was working hard on the treadmill but didn't quite feel the same!! But now I feel I'm on the right track! I'm getting out on the road at least 3 times a week and cutting down treadmill to once or twice a week!
My long runs are hard but I'm getting the miles in, this week I will attempt 18!
When I first started running I lost weight then kinda stablised but suddenly again now I've dropped down again, maybe it's the booze ban or all the extra miles I'm not sure!! My legs are really starting to take on a runners shape, my arms looking much thinner! My moods are fantastic, feel calmer more patient!! Well most of the time!
I was Reading about a marathon that included the great wall of china!!! Imagine that!!
Let's hope my 18 miler on Sunday goes well!! So far all niggles I had to start with have gone!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

14 miles

Today I ran 14 miles, the furthest I have actually ran!! Instead of running in loops I've started running in one direction hitting the halfway mark and then turning back! Today I explored all the restricted by lanes, very uneven and muddy but fun!!

I misjudged it slightly and hit the 13 mile mark far to close to home so basically ran up and down the street until I hit that 14!! That was hard to keep going knowing I was so close to home!! I felt a bit sore but after a couple hours I was flying high, feeling great and hypo!! ( maybe I will feel sore tomorrow)

I really feel my training has got back on track this week, managed to get out now snow has gone, had a good hilly run with Barry last Thursday! I've feel like I've really upped the stakes thus week really pushing myself and when not running been doing hour long sessions on the exercise bike!!
I am def feeling the benefit of not drinking.... Lots more energy, feeling lot more motivated although I'm not losing weight as quickly as I thought I would!! Still carrying those few extra pounds from Christmas which I can't seem to shift even with all this extra training! Maybe my body is getting used to it or I'm getting lots more muscles!

I now Twitter which is great, I have found lots of supportive and inspirational friends who I can constantly talk about running with and give johns ears a rest!

Until next time ........

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sports massage

Last night I had a mild sports massage! I say mild as in the fact she justs massaged me! She was getting to know my legs, my sore bits!! I know that with progress, I will be at her mercy when she gets those pesky knots out of my calf!!
My tight calf is the only injury I'm getting through marathon training! It might be lack of warming up and all the snow and ice we have! Britians coldest winter, yep thanks do you not know I have training to do!

So anyway my legs feel bit heavy but good!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Marathon training begins

Well it's the new year! I'm on day 5 of my booze ban!! New year brings a serious amount of marathon training!! I ran a race on boxing day with a cold!!! Doh!!! How stupid can you get!! I spent the next : days nursing a tight chest!!!
Sunday I ran 12 miles, slow avoiding the ice but I was prepared! I wore my new thermal leggings and tops which led to extreme chafing in the boob department!
But this is it...... I've read the books for inspiration, I've written the training plan do let's go!!