Friday, January 29, 2010

16 miles

Last Sunday I ran 16 miles in just under 3 hours!! As usual the last 2 miles were the hardest but then it was another 2 miles on top of the longest run I had ever done!! I did actually plan some pretty steep hills as well. My mind was trying to give up long before my body!! Mentally my brain was trying all sorts of reasons to talk me out of those last 2 miles!! But I fought and I did it, I felt shattered for a while.
As I sit and write this blog I am
thinking 16 miles = 3 hours and my 10 miles usually 1 hour 20 so that's about 4 and half hours for the full 26.2.
I have felt with the dark nights, moving to a rural place and all the snow had really put a dampner on my training! I was working hard on the treadmill but didn't quite feel the same!! But now I feel I'm on the right track! I'm getting out on the road at least 3 times a week and cutting down treadmill to once or twice a week!
My long runs are hard but I'm getting the miles in, this week I will attempt 18!
When I first started running I lost weight then kinda stablised but suddenly again now I've dropped down again, maybe it's the booze ban or all the extra miles I'm not sure!! My legs are really starting to take on a runners shape, my arms looking much thinner! My moods are fantastic, feel calmer more patient!! Well most of the time!
I was Reading about a marathon that included the great wall of china!!! Imagine that!!
Let's hope my 18 miler on Sunday goes well!! So far all niggles I had to start with have gone!!

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