Monday, August 24, 2009

Training log

I had all good intentions of running 10 miles today but seeing as me and john are doing a 10 k on Sunday I thought he better get a run in as he hasn't run for weeks!
It surprises me how he can do it after no training and I really struggled getting back into running after a short 2 week break due to injury! It was a slow run so he must have lost sone fitness!!
Tommorrow I am gonna get up incredibly early so I can walk dogs and have time to get in 10 miler before I start work at 12.
I have met a lady on a running web site who I will meet at Bristol half marathon who has same pace as me which is making me feel a lot better and hopefully we can get through this race together!
I am really worried about needing a wee through the race so will try running with hardly any drink tomorrow see what happens

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