Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Oh no blister!!

There I was poised to run a 10 miler again but what happens........ I very very stupidly wore new socks, new cheap socks and lo and behold a massive blister in the arch of my foot!!
3 times I stopped trying to find a dock leave to put in my shoe so tried dandelions instead!! Bad bad move!!!
I then realised I had compeed at home so I limped home and thought I could turn my 8.7 miles into 10 but even with the plaster on it hurt!! So I admitted defeat!!! Why was I so disappointed?
I know I can run 13 miles easy peasy!!!!!!!

Now I'm thinking why did I agree to work all those shifts st the pub....... My last week before I go back to work and I'm working my arse off..........

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