Sunday, June 6, 2010

run in the wild 10 k by meschee at Garmin Connect - Details

run in the wild 10 k by meschee at Garmin Connect - Details: "Share"
I was excited about this race, my first complete x country race. It was to be held in a local wildlife park within beautiful grounds. I had read the reviews, I knew it was going to be challenging but the views would be outtta this world. Barry had entered last minute and the race was on again esp after beating him last week. The start was a tiny little steep hill which immediatly went into a humdinger of a hill with some nasty twists and turns. Its hard to start a race with such a steep hill and you were gasping for breath before you even warmed up. When that first hill finished you were running downhill but the way the land lay meant you were running on a slant on very uneven ground. We then turned into a wood filled with massive puddles and deep ruts. I tried to keep in the middle of the path but then diaster struck. I think I hit a stump hidden by grass and over I went well crashing to a undignifed lump is probably closer to the truth. The only trouble being the track was quite narrow and people were up close behind me so I took down 3 people with me and sat there a bit dazed whilst people jumped over me and ran past. I remember a lady asking if I was ok but no one offered to help..... which i thought was a bit weird, normally runners are such helpful people, maybe I was being scorned for taking the others out to but hey hands up I didnt mean to fall over.
I got back up and started running again ( now if people ask this is where I lost the 4 minutes that Barry beat me by ok!!) my legs felt bit battered, knee bit scrapped but I was ok. I had been really worried about damaging my knees but they were good. It wasnt until a few minutes later that I realised my big toe was throbbing, the uneven ground was making me whince. I thought theres no way I'm walking so just kept going. More hills appeared one that was sooo steep and long that I didnt see anyone at all running up it, it was hard enough to walk up it. I just kept going admiring the views, walking up the really steep hills, well it was my toe you see it bloody hurt. It was a challenge running down the hills, ground uneven, sliding around on sheep poo. My running gait changed dramatically couldnt put weight down on front of foot. Up and down, up and down we went, you could see the people in the distance struggling up( did I mention all the ups and downs?).
At one point after a very very steep hill I tried to start running again but the field was on a rightward lean so to speak and this killed my foot, I actually was close to tears and even thought of grabbing some more marshall ( I'm an injured runner GET ME OUTTA HERE).
The next mile was downhill, we had done 4 miles and sudddenly I gained something, divine intervention, alien abduction, hell knows or maybe I just warmed up but it was downhill and I got a major sprint on. I went rushing through a cold river that numbed my foot ... 5.5 miles nearly there......... there was a few little cheeky steep hills thrown in and as you came out of the woodland again, I could see the finish. The finish was were we started so it was a steep little hill sprint to the line. There was Barry waiting to see me across the finish line where he greeted me 'LOSER'. Ill let him have this one..... just remember I lost those four minutes whilst I was in a coma somewhere in a bottomless pitt with crocodiles.........oh and the giant man eating meerkats!!
Wedy came in soon after that, well done Wendy running across the line with Al.
I took my shoe off half expecting a toe nail to come off and thats when it really started hurting, the adrenlian was gone and shock set in. After people commenting on how my toe was a funny colour I went into the ambulance and as I walked in had a little tearful outburst, but dont tell anyone. Armed with an icepack it went numb and everything was ok.
Again big shout out to all the wonderful, beautiful people on twitter offering their support. I thought off you all cheering me on in my darkest minutes.
So to sum it all up, if you want a challenging but beautiful race then go for it...remember its the moments that challenge us that define us!!
Thank you and good night!


Sher said...

You describe hill running very well. Most people think running down hill is the easy bit but actually you have to engage brain in order not to topple, you have to suspend fear in order to run downwards and your gait up and down the hills is completely different to running on the flat. Is it worth it - hell it is, the sense of achievement is beyond description. Well done Michelle for completing your first serious hilly race...... more to come me thinks :-)

Ray said...

very extreme Michelle - you're an absolute legend still to finish this race after a fall like that... a well deserved medal and rest to you x

Lena said...

Well done Michelle, I feel your pain in the way you tell this story, Running is as much mental as physical. x