Saturday, March 6, 2010

18 miler

I was so determined to achieve 18 miles this time!! I had no motivation to run, I hadn't even planned a route, in fact it was the last thing I wanted to do but out of bed I got, walked the dogs and then off I went!!! I decided to just run in any direction up to 9 miles and then just turn around! I got to 7 was hating the road I was on and kept pushing to 8. I couldn't do that last mile on that road mentally it was doing my head in so I turned around knowing I could make up 2 miles down the lane at home!!
Whey a difference that made turning round and heading home put a spring in my step I felt happier in fact so much better I took a detour up and back a random lane to gain an extra mile!! Finally that long stretch home up ashcott road was a long bleak road that is!!! I hot close to home and was on 16 miles so down the lane I went!! Those last 2 miles were hard but I had to reach 17.35 which was the longest run I had ever achieved!!! I did it I reached 18 I did it!! I felt great much better after my first attempt I could still walk lol!!
This time I felt a lot stronger more mentally equipped! I had actually reduced my mileage down to 25 that week so not sure if that helped and my long run on the previous Sunday was a 9.5 mile race!! It could actually be that all the training is finally paying off!
I am a marathoner runner!!!!

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