Monday, February 22, 2010

Hestercombe humdinger

Hestercombe humdinger!!! 9 and half miles of hills!!
I talked half of the corporate challenge team into running this race!!! I mean if you can run that you can run anything!!!
Started off really fast 7.30 minute miles but I soon slowed down on first hill!! You could actually walk up that steep hill faster than you could run so walked I did!! First race I have ever walked!! I caught up with Barry who was having some tendon problems and then abandoned him..... Seems harsh but I had to just keep on going!!
There was a few down hills afterall what goes up must come down!!!
I got to the last hill wasn't as steep as the first but when you have already ran a hilly 8 miles it was s nightmare!!! I walked again only to start running again when I saw the photography perched on the brow of the hill!! The final mile came and boy was it all downhill!! The hill was so steep that I had to flap my arms like a rabid swan to help me keep my balance!! " it's all downhill from here" shout the marshals to which I gave a resounding cheer and I ran down the hill with the marshals laughter ringing in my ears!!!!
I have to say running downhill can really hurt your knees!!!
It was the final straight 400 m to go.... There was a runner beside me and my competitive ego kicked in and I sprinted to the finish!! I crossed the line and immediatly felt really sick but managed to keep it down!!
I collected my groovy shirt and goodie bag and scoffed my face full of chocolate!! 1.30.47 well happy with that seeing my 10 mile runs normally take a lot longer!!

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