Sunday, March 28, 2010

21 miles the last long run

wow 21 miles today...........I kept weeks mileage pretty low this week 30 instead of 40 so I wouldnt get too tired.  I find it very hard to rest and sat, John and I went for a 10 mile bike ride ( we really just wanted to cycle to the burger van and have a greasy breakfast) and then ended up on a 2 hour dog walk.  I spent the rest of the day carb loading and promptly fell asleep by 8pm on the sofa!! This must have done the trick as I felt pretty good when I started out on 21 miler.  Its a long hard slog when your out on your own so after 90 mins and I had reached 10 miles, I started to listen to a podcast called marathon talk.  They had done a special 90 min show to get you home so to speak.  They interviewed a lady who was this 'motivator' and gave me ideas of what to do when you were struggling mentally.   I met a group of runners coming the opposite way, and wondered if I should have turned around and ran a little with them, they looked very friendly.  Mental note to myself I must join a running club.  I admire my motivation and determination for doing this marathon training alone but GOD its so boring at times!!
I've started to run the half the distance I want to cover and then double back on myself instead of loops.  This is helping as I can divide the run into bitesize chunks and helps me to remain focused.  I started to get a niggle in my foot about 16 miles but kept going.
John phoned me and came out on the push bike to meet me when I was at about 17 miles.  What a god send that was and before I knew it I was very close to home and at 20 miles.  I was very tired and wanted to go home but John pushed me and persuaded me to do that extra mile, after all thats what I had set out to do.  I'm so glad he did that because at 20 miles I felt awful but at 21 I felt very tired but very happy I had achieved what I had set out to do.  22 days to go, I am getting very emotional when I think about running this marathon, I know it will change my life in such a positive way. 
When I look back on where I was and where I am now its a truely remarkable feat. 
I have always thought I am a pretty stubborn and headstrong character but I am impressed with my sheer determination and self discipline. 

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