Sunday, April 11, 2010

Last 10 miles before Brighton marathon

There once was a very wise barlady and as I stood croaking at the bar after a long night of dancing ( no booze in sight) she said what you need is a brandy and port, that will cure anything!! So a brandy and port I had.  I slept really well that night and when I woke up he following morning (10 am) I felt has if a weight had been lifted off my chest.  I am sure it has had nothing to do with holding my head over a bowl of hot water of vicks and the lemsips and the vit c that I had been taking over 2 days.

So a 10 miler was within sight.  Hubby decided he would come with me on the pushbike so that was even better and the sun was shining, triple bonus.  I started off nice and steady, ran quite freely no problems at all.  I think running loosened my chest even more.  At 6 miles John abandoned the bike and ran with me.  The last 4 miles was at a steady 9.30 min miles.  My chest did start to hurt a little at the end but I felt that if I could run 10 miles when I wasnt feeling 100 % then I would be fine for the marathon. Todays run was more for my mental state. 

I thought I would try another new thing..........ICE BATH!!! I had bought the ice cubes a couple of days ago and as nike says "just do it"
I ran a bath of cold water and hubby put in two bags of ice............JESUS CHRIST what in the world was I thinking?? I have never know time to go soooooo slowly!! I like to think that I am pretty hardcore so I stuck it out.  Slowly my legs became numb it was just my feet screamimg in complete denial.  Deep breaths, come on you can do it, COME ON JUST ONE MORE MINUTE.  
I think 10 mins is long enough for my first ice bath and I felt really good for it fact quite hypo.......
all in all a good day and a good run!!!

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Ray said...

that made me smile.. nice writing,.. not long now till the big day - I'm sure everything will come together then for - don't worry!! :))