Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ups and downs of a pre marathon week

I have to say I am not liking this taper lark!!  I have got into a routine of training hard, eating what I wanted when I wanted.  I like training hard it gives me self discipline makes me feel good and gets me out of the house.
  I looked at my schedule..........mmmmm 3 miles, is that it.  Ok so its only 3 miles so I'm gonna hit it hard, I am going to run so hard that I will make myself sick.  So thats what I did, first 2 miles were 7 minutes each then once I realise that I am actually running that fast I jinx myself and slow down but hey who am I kidding I cant sustain a pace that fast for long. Jinx my arse!!!! So 3 miles in 25.32.  Good result feeling pretty smug!!! Bring on the marathon......................

Bad throat, sleepless night, feeling bit yuck??? I know I'll be fine Ive felt like this during training before.  I just keep on running and it disappears.   So I go again, easy 3 miles.........Bad move.  I slowly get worse during the remainder of the day.  My chest is on fire and I have a niggling dry cough.  I sat on the sofa, vick smeared all over my chest, my nose running, lemsip in one hand and I start to cry.  Cry in despair that after everything I have fought through in the last year, all the training, will be to no avail.  Its here I have to mention the support of my hubsand and my new internet family, the tweat to the beat gang.  Their words of support helped me through a moment of self doubt. 

I managed to get a good nights sleep (valarian tea-bags are the bizz) and after sitting with my head in a bowl of hot water and vicks my chest has started to loosen.  As I sit here, I think there is nothing on this earth that is going to stop me running that marathon and so what if I am a little run down, pain is only temporary but achievement will stay with you forever.  Armed with manuka honey, echinacea, covonia, my chest is started to loosen, no more tight chest..............and a more postive attitude.  I cant say its helped with the whole crying marlarky...........the slightest remark about the marathon brings tears to my eyes.  My sons told me proudly that they would make me a banner and to their amazement I started crying.   I am not sure why I am crying, its not sadness, what is that all about??

So tomorrow is Sunday, just 7 days to go....... and you know what I will be out doing my run, 10 miles.  You might think noooooooo Michelle dont do it.......... but I have to, this taper lark is playing havoc on my mind and I need to run.  Now I have loosened my chest, running will help me get rid of it.
There is one thing that I am very determined about and that is staying postive.  I have come a really long way and nothing is going to stop me.  I might be crying at the 'M' word but I am going to run it and I am not allowing any negative thoughts to worm their way into my head!!!


Ray said...

very emotional - nicely put x

Claire Mcdaid said...

Well done, its been an emotional week eh! and I think if you want to run 10 then just do it!

MyMarathonGoal said...

I hope you are feeling better. Remember that the taper is for body recovery. You have already trained, put in the miles and dialed in the speed you run the race. Listen to the body, recover and I hope you get to feeling better. Probably better to happen this week vs. next. Get well soon and let us know how the race goes.

runningfairy said...

Michelle you are a total soldier. You have done so well and I'm so happy for you even though I've only been on the tail end of your training you obviously have worked so hard for this, you will so enjoy the race.

Have a great relaxed run tomorrow and stay healthy.

(Valerian tea IS the business!!)

PS - how did you make your blog so nice and wide?!?!?!

V xx