Tuesday, August 31, 2010

its not always a good run........

Today's run wasn't terribly good........4.34 miles in 37.53 not a bad time but I really struggled.  My chest has been tight since Sunday's race and I really struggled with my breathing.....
I have foolishly drank all over the bank holiday weekend and that paid its toll too.  Add in period bloating belly, a headache and a stiff neck and its a recipe for disaster.......

But I kept running that's the way it goes..... not all runs can be good and i certainly have more better runs than bad ones......

battle of sedgmoor 10 k

I had stopped drinking in preparation for this race which went horribly wrong at the weekend.....

The morning of the race I didn't feel 100% but its a lovely flat course and I was going to get a pb.
The race started and we went up the only real hill on the course.  Just has you get up the hill you are suitably warmed up and ready to rock and roll......
The first 2 miles were ok and then I settled into a fast pace.  I kept this up and at 5 k I was on 23 mins so I thought I am well on course for a sub 50 as long as I could keep up the pace.

I started to feel the strain at about 4.90 miles and my pace dropped.   I just had to put my head down, grit my teeth and get on with it...... the finish line was within my reach and I sprinted to the finish....... garmin said 50.52...... so close to that infamous sub 50

I have never felt so physically sick like I did at the end of that race, I had to stand against a car and do my best not to hurl all over it......

I was disappointed but at the same time I did pb so I'm still happy..... next time without a hangover maybe I'll get that sub 50

Saturday, August 28, 2010

training update

After the first big bike ride, my legs were a little sore but nothing like I expected so I took a rest day thankfully which is not always the case, I hate rest days but I do know they are important. 

On Monday I was going to run 10 miles but the weather was sooo good I decided to go for another whopping bike ride.  Nice weather my arse...... within 5 miles I was completely soaked then as I got dry again I got another soaking, and I started to develop a twinge in my abductor so I called it a day at 22 miles.

As if I don't punish myself enough I decided to go swimming that evening thinking I might have some energy.... how wrong was I.  I felt like I had been abducted my aliens, the life guard probably thought I was either a) dancing and trying to swim to some drum and bass b) drowning c) having a fit.  It was at this point after 24 lengths I decided to go home and hang myself.

Tuesday was a new day so I wanted to get in the 10 miles in prep for Bristol half marathon.  I felt like it was hard work but didn't feel too bad and was astonished that i ran that in 1.34 knocking a good 15 mins of my last 10 mile run, the triathlete was back in town. 

Thursday was a brick session, 20 mins bike, 15 mins tempo run on treadmill done twice.  Total bike miles 13.76 and 3.41 on the treadmill.  I normally do this 3 times but didn't want to over do as I have a race Sunday. 

Friday, the aliens had returned my body with an newer updated version and I swam 1 mile in 42 minutes which normally takes me 48 and 53 minutes. 

So Saturday is here and I'm resting..... tomorrow is Battle of Sedgmoor 10 k, lovely flatish course and I will get my warrior head on and go for that infamous sub 50...... watch this space!!!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

The first big ride out

Ive been bit lazy in keeping up my training blog so here's a quick catch up...
Monday 8.05 mile run
Tuesday brick session 3.36 miles on treadmill and 13.87 miles on bike
Wed 7 mile run
Thursday cycled 10 miles and swam 1 mile
Friday ran hilly mostly x country 8.54 miles with Barry

Then of course Saturday, the first bike bike ride.

Barry, Adrian and Jim and myself all started off from street and headed out towards Wooky hole.  It was a nice steady pace having a chat and a ride.......with a few little nasty hills in.  I think we were all riding along with doom in our hearts knowing that we were heading towards the big one.........

When we reached Wooky, we had a little rest before attempting deer leap hill.  Then it was see you at the top and off we went.  It was too bad, a little narrow road before it all went wrong....... I was last taking it nice and slow.... and then in front of me Barry just skidded across the road in front of me and seemed to be in a lot of pain..........shit... what to do, I couldn't get my feet out of the pedals quick enough so ended up throwing myself into the hedge and landing with my bike stuck to me..... theres me asking Barry if he needed help and there was I stuck in my bike lol fat lot of good I was really.  Must have seemed quite comical to passers by, these mad suicide bikers throwing themselves off their bikes.......into hedges....
The hill was so steep it was hard to actually get clipped back in so I pushed bike up road until I found something I could lean against.  I was just about to clip in when my back wheel came detached from my bike and fell off........MMMMMMM so glad it happened at that point at not when I had been going silly speeds down hills.  Barry then fixed bike and we attempted to climb this hill, finally we made it and reached the top.  I must say thank you to Adrian who came back down the bad evil hill to check we were ok then cycled back up AGAIN!!!!

It was all downhill from here, cycling down the gorge which actually is very scary when the roads were wet and slippery.
We cycled into Wedmore and had a well deserved drink before heading off home.
Total 44.67 miles in 3.21.17
Check out the elevation here http://connect.garmin.com/activity/45441689

Good ride I enjoyed it the best bit coming down wedmore hill and topping a 37.5 mph

Thursday, August 12, 2010

brick session...sure sign of fitness

Oh my god.... I am high on endorphins!!!!! Can I sit down long enough to write this blog!!!!!!
* does a little dance of joy*
I have been camping and all week the only exercise I managed was  a 40 min run yesterday but really I had 2 days rest which felt like a week.
I decided to do an intensive brick session in the front room, treadmill and exercise bike.  It went as follows
20 mins on bike on setting 5, 11.24 km ( so so)
15 mins on treadmill 7mph , 1.75miles ( pretty good)
20 mins on bike setting 6, 13 km (faster even though more resistance)
15 mins on treadmill, 7.5 mph, 1.88 miles ( good speed feeling pretty damn good here)
20 mins on bike, setting 7, 16.55km ( even faster.....oh my god I AM ON FIRE)
15 mins on treadmill , 8 mph, 2.01 miles ( here I expected to be feeling pretty tired but I felt bloody amazing and soooooo strong, I could have done another couple but kids wanted feeding???!!!!
total running 45 mins and 5.64 miles covered
total bike 40.79 km = 25.34 miles

I listened to an interview with Liz Yelling and remember her saying she knows when her fitness levels are good because in her splits she gets faster and stronger.  Theres me thinking that my fitness has slipped from being on holiday, drinking every day, eating complete and utter crap, chocolate, ice cream, hot dogs and having extremely bad sleep and back ache, but what do you know I am pretty fit....... maybe theres a moral in the story.... a little bit of what you like is GOOD FOR YOU!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

318 days ti half ironman uk 70.3

Wow....... so Ive only done 2 triathlons and like normal I have completely thrown myself in at the deep end by entering Half Ironman UK 70.3.  I will not only have to train and become fitter than I have ever been but also raise at least £1200 for charity.  I am not doing it alone, I will train and compete with Barry.  I also forgot to add that I will also be running Brighton marathon next yr as well, well I never do anything by halves.

So what now....... This is the plan so far......
Once a week we will have a long bike ride, easy hill rides meaning big hills but not flat out to get a good  bike stamina and aim for a good low burn cardio engine base.  We will start at 40 miles and build up over winter.
We will get a list of triathlons and select races from there hopefully with open water swims.  ( I need to get a wet suit pronto)
We will have one long run in each week which we will build a good fitness base. 
We will swim once or twice a week incorporating OW swim at least once a month.
As fitness increases we will include runs after the long bike rides.
That's what we aim to do together as well as try to raise £200 per month and attack local companies for sponsorship.

For the little bits in between I will watch what I eat, stop drinking, and train where possible by including hills sprints on bike and foot and improving my swimming.

This will be such a challenge financially to obtain a wetsuit, tribars for bike, a more robust tri suit ( thinking padding) and the cost of travelling and partaking in triathlons across the country. 
I am going to have to live bike, run, cycle and be a good full time working mum, a new teacher and a part time student.  This is going to take discipline, dedication and a whole lot of blood sweat and tears. 
Can i do it...... its a challenge but I thrive on challenge and I know that Ihave the support of some truly fantastic people........ Half Ironman are you ready for me???? That's the question.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Trowbridge triathlon

This was my ssecond triathlon but my first attempt at the sprint distance.  I arrived really early and had to hang  around the car park which wasn't a bad thing because I met Tim who only just happens to know the Olympic bronze medalist triathlete ( what ever his name was lol) and organises triathlons in the new forest and also extreme cross country, so I booked for that in October as training for run rampage. 
The swim was bit scary there were 5 in a lane and it was 16 lengths.  I was the last to go.  There was such a short gap between each person leaving, I was catching the blokes feet in front of me every stroke I took.  I did think however he would let me pass on the first length, did he hell...... I was literally tickling his feet for 5 lengths before he decided to let me pass, that or he thought I was caressing his legs lol, maybe he liked it. I decided that if  I saw him on the run I would trip the arrogant git over!!!!
The swim I felt stronger than I have before and I didn't panic with my breathing.  Time 9.52 and I was aiming for 12 so very pleased about that.
The transition was very long and running on concrete paths and across tennis courts where the bikes were racked. As an early bird I had prime place racking my bike, right by the run out.  I jumped on my bike and headed off.  I was in with a pack of males and I tried my hardest to keep up but I slowly lost them.  After about 10 miles I was ON IT.... The hill training must be helping because I was on fire and I caught up and overtook 2 males who I had started with ( typical men have NO stamina lol ), I could just imagine their face as I passed as a red streak of lightening.  Bike time 25 km ( 15 mikes ) in 57.42.  I have to say some of the bike ride was on the dual carriageway which was a bit nerve racking!!
  I was aiming for 45 but maybe that was a bit unrealistic.   The bike ride over, I was still buzzing but when I started to run.  My legs were ok not jellified but I was tired..... I had to keep going, I passed quite a few people.  The run went quite quickly but I didn't sprint to the finish I didn't have the energy.  Run time 27.59 which considering the bike ride, I was very pleased with.  Overall my total time with transition was 1.38.22.  I had hoping for sub 1.30 which is my mate Barry's best time but I can work on that.  I really think the training is all coming together.  I compared times with the very fit Tim and even though his run was like 20 mins ( speedy) and his swim was like 5 mins his bike time was 56 so I was only a minute behind him which made me even more chuffed with my bike ride.  Ive always had thunder thighs my mom used to say, maybe at last I have found them a vocation in life.   I was buzzing when I finished, so much more of a rush when you have done all three.   
So if any of you are considering to try out a triathlon......JUST DO IT!!! As a runner turned triathlon, I love it and even though I wont hang up my running shoes, the cross training does help. 
The only down side of the day was not meeting Karen but we have plenty of time for that and again thank you all to the oddles of support that my marvelous twitter friends provide.