Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Patience and rest is not my thing!!!

Its been 11 days since my injury and although the swelling has gone down and the bruising is out, I am still not running..... I guess after 11 days thats no surprise.

I did however keep swimming, using the float between my legs so not to use my ankle.  But I was very naughty, the minute that I could get my cycle shoes on, I was on that turbo trainer.  I am used to double training and doing so much that 30 mins on the turbo trainer seemed nothing in comparsion.

On the Saturday, 8 days after the injury, I was on the treadmill, walk/run/ walk, jogging no more than a minute at a time and it felt a bit weak but ok.   I should have realised then that trying the same the following day was stupid.

I had my first swimming coaching session on Monday and it was great, the drills we did really helped to improve my stroke.  After you have done 1 armed swimming for 6 lengths it really helps your stroke.  I swam 3 lengths without the float  and ankle hurt a little.

Then last night my ankle hurt so bad that it woke me up..... and i thought you stupid anal cow, using the turbo trainer, getting out of the saddle, getting carried away and not resting. 

So read it here first..... I will do nothing for the next 5 days apart from swim and when I do get on the turbo trainer it will be a small gear with high cadence.  I need this ankle to mend.

Its so very difficult not to do anything when i have been training so hard and getting my fitness levels up but I must realise that if I don't rest now and repair I will do more damage.   I surprised its taken me this long to realise it.......DOH!!!!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

arghhhh diaster strikes but every injury has a silver lining.........

Oh my god, Ive been so lucky since my knee operations and have been training like a mad woman without any injury...........until now.  

Barry and I decided to run our 8 mile hilly cross country on Friday night and we were running rather dangerously through the woods screaming like banshees....... lets be honest it was totally liberating running like that at dusk. We had covered about 4.5 miles  and then we hit the pavement and this is where disaster struck.......... one minute I was running the next I was on the floor and the pain was FUCKING INTENSE!!!! I have never sprained my ankle not that I can remember and it was really painful.  Barry held my leg up and told me to breathe, I had totally gone into shock and was in a major major panic. 

Barry had to run home, grab the car and come and rescue me.  I kept walking, it was bitterly cold and I didn't want to freeze.  I knew I had to get to the junction and wait for him.   I was lying on a park bench with my foot up high, shivering from cold and shock.  I had at least 5 people stop and ask if I was ok and wanted a lift, that was really nice but I knew if I accepted Barry would be in a major panic if I did a disappearing act.

Once home,armed with a strong bottle of wine, I laid on the sofa and cried my eyes out.  I was sooo worried about lasting damage and not being able to compete in half ironman.  I was a complete and utter mess.  The following day , my eyes were as swollen as my foot. 

My foot has gone down loads and its becoming very discoloured and I did even managed to go watch a band and have a little dance full of vodka as well.  Vodka has obviously made the biggest difference lol.

So where is the silver lining I here you ask..... well I went to the local swimming pool as I am so anal about my training I had to do something.  There was a coach there who just started telling me what I was doing wrong and told me to do longer strokes.  He counted my strokes 54 to one length.  He explained some different techniques to me and then watched me as I improved.  I got my stroke down to 30 a length and developed a much more slower but stronger stroke.  I was really starting to notice the difference really pulling through the water.  Anyway to cut a long story short, he was coaching 2 delightful older ladies who have already done one half iron man and are doing wimbleball half IM same time as me.  They have asked me to join their Monday coaching sessions and I now have some training partners.  Its not every day you meet fellow triathletes, well not in my world anyway.

This leads me to ask....... was it fate? I would have never gone swimming on a Monday night and it was because of my injury that I did.  So where one door shuts, another has opened and I didn't stay very long in the hallway of hell.  This is just the boost that I needed for my swimming and now I can walk on my ankle I am feeling a lot more positive, a far cry form the crying mess I was on Friday.  So here's to a stronger more efficient swimmer and new friends!!!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

let me tell you abou my turbo trainers

Oh heavenly blog........ I am sorry, I confess it has been 10 days since my last blog and I am eternally sorry........... but hey in my defence, I have been extremely busy!!!!

I ran Shepton Mallet 10 k fun run in the howling wind, I did a mini triathlon on my day off ( 1.02 mile swim, 4 mile run and 16 mile bike ride) spend numerous hours in the seat of my exercise bike and done lots speed training on the treadmill........
I also went swimming on Friday but left my swimming costume at home.......DOH!!!!!!!

But on Monday, finally the turbo trainer arrived....... it didn't take long to set it up and I was up in that saddle in a flash.  It was a lot harder than I expected it to be but great fun........ hardcore music, no traffic and lots lots sweat............

30 mins later and the kids were moaning.......I had to stop and cook tea but I was back in the saddle for another 30 mins.  The resistance works with the gears so you get a wide variety of resistance and in bottom gear, my butt was way out of the saddle....... ...oh my god my legs were pumped and I felt I had really worked.  I guess on a turbo trainer there is no free wheeling so its constant mileage.

Tonight I thought I had better get out for a run as I am having a sports massage tomorrow and its going to rule out my 10 miler I had planned.  Mental note to self , I really need to start a long distance run every Sunday again instead of racing....(mmmmm very hilly race 10k entered on Sunday).  Anyway I couldn't wait to get home and after a 3.5 mile run in 30.47 mins, I was back in that turbo trainer for another 30 mins..... I just cant get enough.....

I think this will benefit my training over the winter, building up my legs so they are like tree trunks!!!!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

catching up on the blog and not forgetting RUN TO THE BEAT!!

As I now have Wednesdays off, I have decided to go for an early morning swim.  Be warned of old men dressed in speedos.  They are very aggressive, think they own the pool and will slap you if possible.  I was very polite and obeyed the swimmers rule that you should let them pass and he just huffed and puffed and tried to blow the whole building down.......He did actually end up slapping me at one point and didn't even stop and say sorry.... JERK.... mental note to go back every week and annoy him. I swam 1mile in 43 minutes.

Thursday I did a fantastic pyramid session on the treadmill.  After a 10 min warm up, I increased the speed every 5 minutes until I reached 30 mins.  After that I did pyramid minutes as follows:
2 min @ 6 (recovery)
2 min @ 7.5
1 min @ 9
I felt really strong and did these pyramid mins for 15 minutes.  Total miles 5.19.  I really felt I could have kept going but stopped myself as I was supposed to be on a taper for Run to the Beat.

Which brings me onto Run to the Beat...........
I completed the half in 1.59.09, not my personal best and I have to say the whole thing was completely disorganised and I wouldn't run it again EVER. It was a really long drive and the sat nav took us through the centre of London.... eeeek..... not bad for a village lass I have to say.  I'm so glad Jo was with me.  But the whole highlight was most defiantly meeting the 'tweeters' who have been so supportive and inspirational.  It felt good meeting these people who have been a big part of my life for the last 6/7 months of my life.  We all enjoyed a meal before the race and surprised James with the most incredible birthday cake made by the fabulous Micheal.  The day of the race started with some mad dashes in the underground but we made it, only to find the race had been delayed by an hour.  It was freezing cold but everyone was in good spirits.  The course itself seemed to run around some back streets with random people just crossing the road whenever they saw fit!!!!!!!
I really enjoyed my time with the whole twitter gang and it was such a shame to have to rush back.... I love you guys... Thank you all xxxxx

I had terrible back and it band ache after that race but I put it down to the driving and the standing around but I attempted a recovery run on Tuesday covering 4.23 miles in 45 mins.

Wednesday I swam again and covered 0.7 miles and alas I couldn't annoy speedo man as he wasn't there.  Later that day I covered 28.53 miles on the exercise bike.  I warmed up for 30 mins then changed resistance every minute in pyramid session again.  I felt strong  and kept it up for 84 mins in total.

That's it folks, not more to report for now!!