Sunday, May 27, 2012

Somerset 100 my first 100 miler

I have been waiting to pop this cherry for a long time, my first attempt at the lionheart sportive went wrong through bicycle problems so this was my second attempt.  I could not have asked for a better day.... the weather was perfect.  We made sure we were sun creamed up to the hilt, plenty of liquids and off we went.  This was a low key event less than 100 riders and the start line was less than 2 miles from my house!!!

We started off near the front and the pace was quite fast.  We dropped off the first group as I was very anxious to keep a steady pace so I wasn't blowing out my arse at the end, Nick was biting at the bit to cane it but he promised he would stay with me so we maintained a good pace averaging about 18/19 mph.  We were dropped by the first group but soon got caught up with a second group so we stayed with them for a while.
We ended up in a group that happened to have a friend from my tri club in, I didn't recognise  him with cycling gear on as I only ever normally see him in the pool.  Another group caught up with us but after having to have a wee stop we lost them. We tried really hard to catch them and ended up missing a turning.   We caught my friends up where the route split and stayed with them for a while.  We managed to catch another group and made a few new friends before we dropped them.   I have to say something amazing happened today.... I (get this ) overtook people on hills..... not just 1 person but at least 8 people.  I was totally gob smacked... at one point I even overtook Nick on a hill.

My last memories of doing serious mileage was Tour of Wessex and Lionheart sportive, when after 60 miles I had totally had enough.  Today I felt amazing.  I'm putting it down to my new diet......this was my first sugar free endurance event and I used only natural energy bars, no added sugar, no energy drinks.  I had lots energy, no bloating, no wanting to shit myself.

After a stop at 70 miles and Nick fixing his puncture we headed home.  We overtook some more riders, up hills again.  We had done the hilly bit and now it was downhill.  We were flying, 3 miles to the end and up through Fenny castle which was really really windy but the guys in the VW van who were supplying water got in front of us and blocked the wind and we drafted it for at least 2 miles... good touch.  100.6 miles in 6.22 a time that I thought wasn't possible.  A well organised event and the guys with water made added stops at the top of some of the serious hills due to the intense weather.  Low key, great event that I will definitely repeat next year.  It was great to ride with Nick and we saw each other through at a great pace.  It wasn't the most challenging of rides but it was still a hundred miles...... POP goes that cherry.   Great day, great company, made some good friends along the way.
 I have so much confidence for Wimbleball.... BRING THAT BAD BOY ON..... I'm more than ready for you!!!!!!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Taunton Deane Triathlon

I like Taunton Tri as its always a good club event and lots take part from West Country Tri.  Its always a good atmosphere and today I was on it.  I was feeling pretty good about this race.  My wave started at 11.39 and I was in lane 1 with 2 others that I knew well.  The swim started and within 2 lengths I was overtaken by my fellow club mate which I didn't mind so I tried to sneak in behind him and get some serious drafting in.  That didn't work as he pulled away from me.  The swim was over quickly and I noticed that I didn't get too out of breath, normally I would take a few lengths to sort myself out which was probably down to the asthma that I didn't know I had.  Swim 400 m 8.20, the fastest swim time EVER for me.

T1 was awful, I couldn't put my sock on and was wobbling around like a good un and it took 1.28... that needs working on.  I like this bike course because its my home ground, I know every nook and cranny of the road.  It was good that I left the pool with a lot of others and I had some competition out on the bike.  Some woman overtook me on the first straight and as I watched her go past and her chunky thighs I thought she was a powerhouse but I wasn't having it and set my targets on her and I hunted her down and overtook her quite quickly!!!!  The route is a bit lumpy and I just went strength from strength overtaking loads riders.  My breathing was really erratic  and I was struggling but I kept going.  At one point coming down a short descent and round a tight right hand bend my back wheel slipped out on a big stone and started to flip the bike, I had no idea how I actually managed to remain on the bike and for a brief second I thought I was going down at speed on a bend and I was going to challenge Mark Cavendish for the best graze marks. Scary!!!!  I got to the by pass and turned on the turbo!!!!! My max speed was 35.4 mph but I'm not sure where I did that as even though there are a few descents there is a lot of sharp bends on the course. Some guy ( really how dare he started to overtake me on the straight) and slipped in front of me..... I wasn't having that... head down I passed him and I kept on going... I knew he would catch me on the first hill but he wasn't going to take me on the straight.  Sure enough on the hill just after that he did take me and as he  passed we both laughed as I said you never take me on the straight and he commented I've been chasing you down and now your mine.  I love the banter of a race.  I did however try to keep up.  As I went through the village so flash BASTARD on bike porn decided to cut me off going around a bend.... EXCUSE ME... isn't it bike etiquette to say your overtaking on the right and give people a wide berth he nearly pushed me into the kerb.  I made a mental note of his number and decided I would sort that out later. So off the bike 22km in 45.35 shaving minutes off last years time.

So off for the run, T2 was better and I was off.  Funnily enough I saw Mr Flash Bastard Porn bike on the run and as I stormed past him I felt like pushing him into the hedge but thought that might be a little too obvious.  Least I overtook him (karma).  I felt really strong on the run, the first mile I had very laboured breathing but soon settled down.  The route is 2 laps and there is a hill ( last year I walked up the hill second time around) but I felt really good and just went for it.  I finished true triathlon style with a sprint finish, you know the kind that when you are going so fast you cant stop at the finish line and plough into all the crowds!!! Tee Hee. Run time 24.53 and that's the fastest 5k I have ever done as well.

Total time 1.21.01 compared to last years1.23.31.... PB... whoop de doooooooooo. So first tri of the year complete and feeling pretty darn good. I did manage to catch up with Mr Flash Bastard Bike Porn has his bike was racked very close to mine.  I did point out rather politely that it was a good idea to warn riders that you are overtaking  and that a wide berth should be given.... I'm not sure he liked my comment that if he had of knocked me off my bike I would have  wrapped his bike porn around his head!!! I did do it in a very nice way of course... I really did!

West country tri overall got some excellent results and a lot of firsts in the age cats.   Great race, great day!!!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Glastonbury 10 k and 5 k

Today I was attempting my first double race... Glastonbury 10k followed by the 5k.  this wasn't through choice I hadn't planned it that way but Ben was entered and his running buddy had to pull out so I decided that I would take his place.  This meant that I had 1 hour to finish the 10k and get to the start line of the 5k.  I thought that would be easy until I found out that the 5k start was a good half a mile from the 10k finish line. I had the boys ready at the 5k start with a drink and my spare t shirt with the other number on it.

The 10 k started and we were off.  I started off a bit fast but soon settled into a rhythm.  I wasn't going to cane this run I knew it was a bit lumpy. It was a high spirited race people pushing people in trollies and lots fancy dress.  The support was good lots of people all over the course.  It came and went really quickly for some reason and I was soon at the finish line. Garmin says 50.57.  Not the sub 50 I was looking for but a respectable 50.57 which beats last years time by 3 minutes.   No messing about straight through and off running through all the crowds to get to the 5k start line. It was bit manic running through the crowds.  Jake was waiting with my t shirt a quick change and Ben and I were off to the start line.

I have never done the 5k course and it went the opposite direction to the 10 k.  This was really busy race again with loads of Milfield school kids.  Lots of people were walking just having a laugh.  Ben was a little trooper we ran for 1.5 miles before we had a short walk up a steep hill.  We had to keep dodging all the trollies it was a bit manic.  We seemed to overtake lots people and the race was over very quick.  There is a short steep hill just before the finishing straight and I asked Ben if he wanted to walk it, he decided to run most of it.  

We came down the hill and onto the finishing straight loads of people were clapping him.  I was so proud of him he just kept going and didn't complain at all.

We finished the 5 k in 32.56 on the garmin. Was fantastic running with my son he was AWESUME!!!